Ultimate MSX2+ emulation guide.

Guide for emulation of a "Boosted" MSX2+ (Panasonic FS-A1WSX). Includes:

  1. Kanji ROM
  3. Firmware
  4. Three external slots
  5. 2048kb Memory Mapper
  6. 2 disk drives
  7. V9958 VDP w/ 192kb VRAM
  8. SCC+
  9. MSX Audio
  10. MoonSound w/ 640kb sample RAM
  11. GFX9000 w/ Video9000
  12. 512kb MegaRAM
  13. BASIC Compiler (MSX-BASIC kun)

Installing OpenMSX

Step 1: Install OpenMSX

Google it

Step 2: Install System ROMs

You will need:
- fs-a1wsx_kanjifont.rom, fs-a1wsx_basic-bios2p.rom, fs-a1wsx_fmbasic.rom, fs-a1wsx_msx2psub.rom, fs-a1wsx_kanjibasic.rom, fs-a1wsx_disk.rom, fs-a1wsx_firmware.rom: same as needed for the Panasonic FS-A1WSX machine
- phc-70fd2_basickun.rom: same as needed for the basic compiler in the Sanyo PHC-70FD2
- yrw801.rom: same as needed for the MoonSound extension.
I had to search like 4 or 5 sites to find all of these. Good luck.
Once you download them, place them in: ../openmsx/share/systemroms/

Running OpenMSX

OpenMSX is a console program with a bad GUI. Use your tty.
In OpenMSX, within the console, set the default_machine to ../openmsx/share/machines/Boosted_MSX2+_JP.xml
On the command line, insert cart ROMS with -cart, isos with -cda, disk images with -diska, hard disk images with -hda. You can also ips patch roms with -ips but ymmv on that.
Now learn Japanese.